This popular, effective, and beautiful three-evening parish mission assists parishes to carry out the vision of evangelization contained in the U.S. Bishop-approved document: Go and Make Disciples: A National Plan and Strategy for Catholic Evangelization in the United States

Each evening of the mission, given by a Paulist Priest and a lay missionary, offers Scripture readings, an inspirational talk, and an engaging ritual:

  • Evening 1: Living your faith fully, with a blessing of the eyes
  • Evening 2: Sharing your faith freely, with a reverencing of Scripture and candle light
  • Evening 3: The Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, with a final Mass

The parish missionaries, Fr. James DiLuzio, CSP, Fr. Ivan Tou, CSP, and Mrs. Christine Watkins, MTS, LCSW, are offering this mission at a price you can afford! If a free will offering is taken up, you pay only for the two presenters’ transportation, food and lodging.

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For further information, call or email Mrs. Watkins at (415) 260-4406, or

Father James DiLuzio is a Paulist priest and a missionary to the United States, traveling to parishes throughout the U.S.A. since 2002, offering parish missions. His many dynamic gifts, his passion, studies, and ministries all contribute to the Paulist Fathers' objective to "Give the Word a Voice in the 21st century" – i.e., sharing the Gospel in new, fresh and engaging ways. Prior to his full-time mission work, Fr. James served as Associate Pastor at Saint Paul the Apostle Church in Los Angeles and as a Campus Minister at St. Lawrence Parish and Newman Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Mrs. Christine Watkins, MTS, LCSW, spent the first half of her life as a ballerina. When injuries ended her career, she spiraled into a life of sin. Raised an atheist, and being anti-Christian, she began looking into the New Age movement for answers; but her spirituality and behaviors brought her close to death. By a miracle of divine intervention, she was saved and healed and quickly became Catholic, devoting her life to the Church. Currently she works as a mission preacher, retreat leader, psychotherapist and spiritual director. She has been featured on the FOCUS Television Network and is the author of the new book, Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary's Intercession, published by Ave Maria Press. See

After receiving his PhD in Computer Science from UCLA in 1994 and seeking his fortune in Silicon Valley, California, Ivan Tou realized that the world might have less to offer than he originally thought--perhaps God had something else in mind for him. And God did. Now a Paulist priest with a delightful sense of humor, kind, humble, and accessible manner, Fr. Ivan spent four years at St. Austin in Austin, TX and one year at Old St. Mary’s Cathedral, in SF, he is now chaplain at UCLA and a parish mission preacher.